Property Ice Test

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Your Most Effective Solution to Check for “ICE” Contamination

If you are looking for the most effective and fast acting kit for testing ICE contamination, look no further than Property Ice Test. 

Our testing kits have proven highly successful for a range of customers, from real estate agents and motel owners to property buyers and property managers as well as private car purchasers.

You may not realise or know but living in a house that has had “ICE” smoked or ‘cooked’ in it, can lead to serious health issues for future occupants.


“ICE” or Methamphetamine is a crystal that vaporises when heated, as in smoking or cooking it, the vapor clings to surfaces and reforms into crystals. 

People who then come into contact with these surfaces can absorb the meth through the skin by touching the surface then touching their mouth and nose. Babies, children and animals are especially vulnerable as it only takes a small amount of meth to affect a baby as they live in a world where they crawl and put everything into their mouths. 

Health effects can range from;

breathing issues

skin irritations

headaches, nausea and dizziness

sleep deprivation

loss of appetite

and long term exposure can lead to kidney and liver problems


When buying a house many people will have a property inspector look for things such as electrical or plumbing problems, foundation cracks, lack of insulation etc but many will fail to check the property for “ICE” or Methamphetamine.

“ICE” contamination is virtually invisible, there is no smell associated it with and no visual indications present on the surfaces.   Having to de-contaminate a property can be incredibly costly and insurance in most cases may not cover it. 

Decontamination and remediation can run into the thousands depending on the levels of “ICE”, Methamphetamine present 


As a landlord you also have a duty to ensure you are providing a property in a reasonably clean state.  If you are buying a property or are a landlord ensure you take the appropriate action and test for meth to cover both yourself and your finances.  Properties that are rental or short to medium term accommodation options are extremely high risk of contamination.


NB – Buildings that have air conditioners and shared ventilation ducting are highly at risk as contamination is forced from one space to another.  This represents a high portion of homes in Tropical Queensland!


“ICE” is often used in a variety of vehicles as a makeshift “private spot” before a party etc.  Known as “Hot Boxing” 4 people in a vehicle using can seriously contaminate the interior of any vehicle.  The issue with a vehicle is the interior is mainly soft, leather, fabric, felt, suede, leatherette and absorbs the contamination, as does the air conditioning.  When traveling in a vehicle you are forced to touch many surfaces, there for the contamination transfer is high.  You also have the air conditioning on most of the time, so recycling the contamination with air movement will happen.


There currently are not many successful options for remediation of a vehicle….it is usually crushed and buried.

Not a good outcome for anyone’s asset balance!


“ICE” is often used by people who are driving long distances regularly as one of the side effects is it is a stimulant and keeps you awake for extended periods of time.  

Ensuring your drivers are “ICE” free, through workplace drug screening means both you and your customers have peace of mind that they are safe, reliable and accountable with the fact they have strict testing and monitoring.

We believe vehicle screening could revolutionize the way trucking companies check for “ICE” within their fleet. 

For the safety of your business, and commitment to your clients, employees and public we recommended testing your fleet regularly.