Property Ice Test

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Protect Your Investment and Check for Meth

Ice has become an epidemic in Australia

We are committed to raising awareness of an issue that many people do not know about....


there is currently a big issue with “ICE” use and manufacture in Australia, our goal is to protect unsuspecting people from buying an asset home, car, or other asset affected by “ICE” contamination.  

The contamination left behind by the regular use of “ICE” or manufacture can cause serious health risks. 

 If undetected before purchase of any major asset it can become extremely costly to remediate and clear.  In most cases vehicles, can not be cleaned and are usually required to be crushed and buried!

Our Kits

Our “ICE” screening kits are the product of intensive study, and have been formulated specifically for the screening of surfaces in homes, vehicles, boats, motels, rentals and more. 

The kits are incredibly sensitive and are able to detect the presence of “ICE” to the cut off point of 0.5 microgram

s (μg) per 100cm2


Our Kits require no special disposal and so anyone and everyone can use them

safely and effectively on their own homes or assets. 

You will get a near instant

result meaning no waiting around for expensive laboratory tests. There is

no likelihood of cross contamination between tests as each site is tested with a new kit. 


Give yourself peace of mind that your property or other asset has not been contaminated by “ICE” – Order a kit today! 


Please note, that these kits are designed for screening tests only. If you

receive a positive screening result, we suggest you seek professional advice.

Property Ice Testing Australia holds no responsibility for results found.