Property Ice Test

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The Easy, Convenient Way to Test your Property, Vehicle,
 Boat or Commercial Investment 
 for “ICE”

The use of “ICE” (methamphetamine) has become a very real and growing epidemic in Australia. 

This in turn, has led to the rise of properties, vehicles, boats, commercial properties, Hotels/Motels found contaminated by Meth.

 That’s where “Property ICE Test” comes in! 

 It is the most affordable, simple and fast way to check your property for ICE contamination. 



We are proud to offer a convenient solution to ensure your new house, car, boat or rental property is free

 from “ICE” methamphetamine contamination.


Our kits are the simplest way to test for “Ice” contamination, as they are easy to use, reliable and accurate.

 They will give you a near instant result that will determine whether use or the manufacture of “ICE” is above recommended levels.